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How to start a Perception Club

Perception Club is a great opportunity to take your passion for raising autism awareness and serving others, organize it, and make it available to others. If your school doesn’t have a Perception Club, then follow the steps below to start a club.

                         if you are ready to submit a new club charter petition online.

Steps to start a club

Step 1 

Find an advisor 

Identify one or more faculty/staff members to be the club advisor. You might consider someone who has a particular interest in service or leadership development, or perhaps someone who was a program participant when they were a student.

Step 2

Recruit your members

Anyone who is a member at the start of the club is a charter member, and the initial set of officers are chosen from the charter members. Find those students at your school who share your passion for helping others or raising autsim awareness and ask them to embark on this creation process with you.

Step 3

Complete the chartering form

After the steps above are completed, you can submit your chartering document to Perception.

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